Video for US Sailing National Sailing Programs Symposium

Before I even get into how great it is that I’m going to be attending US Sailing’s National Sailing Programs Symposium, can we all take a minute to note that US Sailing is no longer written in all caps?  For years it has been editorially correct to write the name of sailing’s national governing body in all caps.  They recently changed it.  As Stu Gilfillen, National Sailing Programs Symposium Coordinator for US Sailing, said: “we stopped screaming.”  Anyway, for you sticklers out there, note that I am doing it correctly.  For those who have blissfully unaware, sorry to bother you with this opening paragraph.  Please keep reading.

National Sailing Programs Symposium 2012US Sailing’s National Sailing Programs Symposium (NSPS) is an awesome conference held every winter for sailing program professionals to meet and swap information on best practices.  With US Sailing at the helm, the symposium always offers a wide variety of topics covered by some of the best program directors, coaches and instructors across the country.  It also includes keynotes from pseudo-celebrities in the sailing world.  Distinguished speakers at NSPS 2012, held January 11-14 in Long Beach, CA, include USSTAG Coach, rules expert, author and 2011 US Match Race National Champion Dave Perry, as well as Editor/Publisher of Scuttlebutt Sailing News and 2011 Etchells World Champion crew Craig Leweck.  Also on the docket are sports psychology expert Dr. Joel Fish, former chairman of the National Coaches Council, Jim Perry, and amputee/offshore sailor Kevin Wixom, who will present his story of the team of disabled sailors who completed the Transpac race.

I attended in 2009 in San Diego for Sailgroove and can attest to the caliber of this event and its value to anyone who works in the field of sailing instruction (which I did for almost 10 summers prior to starting my career in video.)  Regular-price registration closes today and hotels will need to be booked soon!  Get on it: register for NSPS 2012 NOW!

Coaches, Instructors and Directors Meet at NSPS

As the official videographer of the event in Long Beach, I will be attending as many of the sessions as I can, as well as some of the outdoor demonstrations, compiling highlights for a promotional video that will come out after the symposium ends.  It will be used on ussailing.org to celebrate this year’s meeting and to promote the event next winter.

I’m thrilled to be working once again with US Sailing.  They are the NGB of sailing in the US and strive to support the sport in every way they can.  I’m happy to be contributing to those efforts in 2012 and look forward to more opportunities going forward.

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