US Sailing Year-End Highlights

If you have followed my work in the past year you will know the client I do the most work for is US Sailing, the national governing body of the sport of sailing in the US.  In 2012, I produced highlight videos for five of their championship regattas, in addition to several other video projects I did for them.  My latest project is a year-end highlight video that the organization screened today at their Annual General Meeting in San Francisco.  It includes footage I shot at all five regattas, a conference from January, as well as lots of additional video footage and photos from other US Sailing endeavors this year.

While I usually use buy licensed music for my videos, I wanted to use some mainstream music for this one to get everyone excited.  For this video, I chose songs from music labels that allow their use on Youtube:

It’s been a great year of shooting for US Sailing, and I hope to back on the circuit next year.

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