Two Incredible Video Projects to Get Behind

The enormous amount of influence I obviously enjoy from the wild popularity of this blog can sometimes feel like a heavy burden.  This is why I spend so many minutes toiling over each of these posts that you see coming out at an incredible rate of about one per month.  I am aware, however, that with great power comes great responsibility, and with that in mind I gladly share with you my latest musings on two wonderful sailing-video-related projects that you simply must get behind.  In no particular order:

Serious Sailing, Serious Fun, the upcoming documentary from sailing videographer Vince Casalaina:

Professional Sailing Videographer Vince Casalaina

Vince is an excellent sailing videographer from the bay area, a passionate Snipe sailor and promoter of all things Snipe, and a hell of a nice guy.  he has been working on his upcoming documentary, Serious Sailing, Serious Fun: Traditions Build Winners for the past several years.  The film is now in the all-important final stage of production: editing.  And for a film with the breadth of this one, it costs a healthy chunk of money to get shape countless hours of footage from interviews, sailing highlights and archival stuff into the polished final product that I know the film will become.  I’ll let Vince tell you more about the film himself:

Vince has done incredible thing crowd-sourcing his film through a Kickstarter campaign, but he still needs your help.  If you can spare even a modest donation, please help Vince bring our sport into the spotlight through this amazing project.  Even if you can’t afford a donation, please help Vince by promoting this project among on your social networks and by talking it up with your friends, and by voting for this film on the International Movie Trailer Festival website:

Then, sometime soon, go to one one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals and when you overhear someone saying, “Boy, that was the greatest documentary I have ever seen; I think I’ll go learn how to sail a Snipe,” you can tell them how you made the film possible way back in March 2012, and maybe that person will buy you a drink or something.  It could happen.

Waterlust, an exploratory film series by cutting edge kiting, sailing, GoPro film maniac Patrick Rynne


If you like online sailing videos or in any way dabble in things that are cool, then you probably already saw this video, Kite vs Moth vs 49er: (It’s okay if you want to play it again.  I’ll wait.)

Patrick Rynne

That was just a little weekend project Patrick Rynne put together for fun.  And by “put together” I mean thought of the awesome idea, recruited some of the world’s best athletes to take part, equipped the sailors with a half dozen cameras, brought out additional powerboats, drivers and shooters, and edited the whole thing himself.

Well this time he’s really going to apply himself.  Pat has partnered with GoPro and his classmates at the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami to produce short films about our relationship with water.  The first three are already in the works and they will include: 1) a scientific study of rip currents and surf zone dynamics in Australia, 2) a profile of the gravity-defying sailboat whose daggerboard and rudder use small foils to lift the rest of the boat, and its skipper, high above the surface of the water, and 3) a team of marine scientists fighting to protect the stars of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Sound cool?  Wait til you see Pat’s promo video:

Learn more about the project and how you can propose ideas for future films at waterlust.org.  Show your support by spreading the word and liking the Waterlust Facebook page.  Then, follow the project as it develops and get ready for some amazing films.

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