Shooting Zombies Never Goes Out of Season

I’m so pleased to share with you my first non-sailing-specific video since starting Chris Love Productions, that I’m posting it 8 months early: Zombie Obstacle Course!

This short promo video for Dane’s Body Shop and the Austin gym’s most awesome idea ever, a Zombie Obstacle Course, was the brainchild of my friend Chad “Hey Chad” Owen, of Cinematic Rebellion.  He asked me to join him on location last October for a one-hour sunset shoot to get a second angle on the action from my DSLR camera.  Chad needed multiple cameras since the event was running in real time and couldn’t stop for him to change angles.  Secondly, Chad knew that DSLR video would do a really nice job with zombies!  The low-light performance and bokeh (intentional blurriness of background, aka “shallow depth of field”) from my Canon 7D helped bring out the creepiness of the zombies, especially the texture in their professionally made-up faces.  Both Chad and I shot in a flat color profile which allowed Chad to match our shots in post, and do a really cool color grade that brought out the red blood while pushing everything else a creepy muted muddy color.

This was a quick and dirty production but I think it came out really well and I’m so glad to have been a part of it.  I would gladly shoot zombies again any month of the year.

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