Zamir Chorale Live Broadcast

Behind the Scenes

By directing the camera ops to line up particular angles before pushing their shots live, we were able to create dozens of looks from only three cameras.
The software switcher from Blackmagic Design allowed me to switch cameras, load graphics, and adjust audio levels all on one interface.
The monitor shows the three cameras, two media sources, preview and program. There are also slots available for three more cameras.
Maybe we didn't need ALL these monitors, but it never hurts to be over-equipped.


Role: director

A live Youtube broadcast of a concert performed by the Zamir Chorale of Boston, one of the top Jewish choirs in the country. For this performance we used the Blackmagic ATEM TV Studio to switch between three Canon XF305 cameras located around the room and tethered with SDI cable. The show was sent to Youtube over the in-house internet and via a Verizon 4G LTE modem simultaneously as a backup. The stream was embedded on the group's homepage, zamir.org.

This broadcast was a collaborative effort between CLP and StormPort Productions, stormport.com.