USODA Team Trials

Behind the Scenes

Gorgeous Belvedere, CA, across the bay from San Francisco
Lots of boats!
Conditioning the batteries by first running them out
The weather wasn't always perfect, but I would never complain.
Starting line
Editor Sam Purdy hard at work
Editor Sam Purdy wasn't ready to get her picture taken...
Out for a rare run after shooting, I bumped into these guys
Great food in Belvedere! Not sure which fish this is.
Goofy selfie from my lodging
An amazing view from my housing down the street from SFYC


Role: producer

Kids answer survey questions in this daily highlight video we put together for the USODA Team Trials in April of 2016 in San Francisco. It features on-the-water video and drone work by Chris Love and onsite editing by Sam Purdy, a local San Franciscan herself.

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