Hinckley Yachts

Talaria 55, one of Hinckley’s larger offerings, and a perfect spot to spend the day shooting

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Hinckley Dasher, an electric powered boat with 3D printed elements

Hinckley’s Talaria 48 with custom green paint job

Behind the Scenes

Shooting the Hinckley Dasher with a remote-operated jib arm
Drone 'n stuff on the Talaria 55 with a gorgeous view of Narragansett Bay
Early dock call for the Talaria 48 shoot
Drone op Mark McCollom talking with one of our favorite photographers, Cate Brown
Rodrigo setting up his on-the-water camera jib
Pro tip: keep batteries warm with handwarmers in a cooler
DP Rodrigo Fernandez and part of his kit
Great driving on a great camera boat from Hunt Yachts


Role: Production Company

Shooting, editing, and producing commercial video products for the world's most iconic motor yacht manufacturer, The Hinckley Company.