NSPS 2012 Highlights Live Now

As expected, NSPS (US Sailing’s National Sailing Programs Symposium) was a blast, and drew an incredible amount of talent this year, from veteran sailing coaches and professionals to experts in the relevant fields of sports psychology, crisis management and communications.  Here is the first video I cut, highlighting this year’s edition:

Look for more to come, specifically a longer promo video about NSPS that will be used in future years.  As you can see, my biggest challenge for this shoot was getting attractive, interesting footage from the many conference rooms at the hotel.  They were all dimly lit with nasty greenish fluorescent lighting.  Luckily, the sailing shots from Long Beach Sailing Center came out beautifully, plus I got to go sailing on a Weta Trimaran, which was an awesome ride and provided a great platform for shooting.  I could easily steer with one foot while holding the camera with both hands lying on the canopy.  I’ll have to see if the Weta guys down in New Zealand would consider hooking me up with one in exchange for some promotion: wetamarine.com for more info!

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