New YouTube Channel Design a Great Tool for Video Producers

New YouTube Channel Design a Great Tool for Video Producers

Youtube updates site design, including channels

From old to new, the Chris Love Productions YouTube channel

In case you haven’t seen it, YouTube overhauled their site design last week.  I don’t know what you think, (of course, feel free to comment with your opinion) but I think it looks great.  Even better, I found out today that channel owners have the option to update their channels with the new design.  For a long time, I have hated the look and feel of the YouTube channels and have never spent much time or effort to use my own.  But today, the Chris Love Productions YouTube Channel is looking slick and professional, with all my videos laid out better than I could have done myself.

So far I’ve been pretty lackadaisical about posting my work to YouTube on my own account once I’ve sent them to a client or posted on their site.  But now I have a portfolio I can be proud to show off.  New, slicker Facebook and twitter integration will make it easier to share videos with people who want to see them.  (Shameless plug: you can like the Chris Love Productions Facebook page or follow CLP on Twitter to receive future updates.)

This update follows Google’s updates to their main search sites (web, pictures, news, etc.), Gmail and apps like Docs and Reader.  While these updates have given everything a cleaner look,  none have produced such a vast improvement to the aesthetics and usability as has this YouTube update.  Keep your eye on YouTube as they continue to move forward, apparently trying to become a living room source of video that could rival Netflix and other digital video delivery platforms.

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