Gun Slinging and Flying Cameras in Texas

If you were tired of all the sailing videos on this site, here’s something different for you. My friend John invited a bunch of his friends out to his ranch in December. We hiked the property, saw lots and lots of deer, and then we shot guns. True Texas style. Here’s the video:

I brought along my Canon 5D, as always, but I also got a chance to take my DJI Phantom quadcopter for a spin. It’s equipped with a gimbal for keeping the shot steady, even as the copter is darting in all directions, and it works perfectly with my GoPro Hero 3+.

Flying the quadcopter at the ranch

Flying the quadcopter at the ranch

Since shooting this, I’ve also added a video downlink connection, so I can see what the camera sees on my monitor in real time. This is going to be a game changer for my work this summer!

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