CLP Shows off Animation in ICSA All American Awards Video

I produced a video for College Sailing to announce their All American awards this year. The live stream was a bit of a mess as I was still editing right up until airtime, but I think the video came out pretty well:

You’ll notice each sailor has his or her own animated graphic and head shot (they start around the three minute mark.) I created these in three steps:

Step 1: Cut them out in Photoshop:

photoshop screenshot

Step 2: Insert headshot into an Adobe After Effects template that I customized for this show:

after effects screenshot


Step 3: Place the animation over video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Each animation is actually a series of still images. This method supports transparency but keeps file size relatively small.

slide in finder screenshot
premiere screenshot


As it turns out, creating 50 of these things in a few days is no easy task (and is the reason I nearly missed my deadline,) but I think it adds a lot to a show like this. There is so much an application like After Effects can do, and I’m always learning more about it, but I’m happy to include animated graphics as part of my product offering to clients.

If you’re interested in a video production, with or without graphics, contact me at chris@chrisloveproductions.com and see what I can do for you!

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