Cinematic Rambler 88 Launch Video

If you keep up with the latest news on racing sailboat technology then you probably know that Rambler 88, the new carbon fiber maxi boat owned by George David, has just landed on the scene and is out to set some new records. I was fortunate enough to be asked by New England Boatworks, the boat’s builder in Newport, RI, to produce a video documenting its launch. Here it is:

For this video I mainly used my trusty Canon 5D DSLR camera with the Technicolor Cinestyle color profile to capture the most detail in the drab light of December in New England. I also used my new GoPro Hero 4’s to capture the time lapse and onboard footage, supplemented by additional time lapse cams from NEB’s Mitchell Kalble. For the aerials I used my DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus.

I was really excited to try out my new Color Suite software package from Red Giant, including Magic Bullet Looks, which allowed me to quickly color correct and sharpen my footage, take out the fisheye look from the aerial cam, and finally grade the footage to give it that Hollywood blockbuster look. Once that was done, it seemed only appropriate to change the aspect to the cinema standard of 2.35:1, which gave me the added benefit of being able to reframe some of the shots. The music comes from Atomica Music Library.

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