Wow! Look at this website! It’s new, it’s different, it animates, and it tells you things about our company, Chris Love Productions! Our old site, built in 2014 was pretty cool, but it was time for a change. Now we’ve got a video playing full screen on the homepage, lots of things flying onto the screen, and you can even read everything on your phone or tablet. That’s mobile compatibility baby!

So, we hope you like the new site. Happy to answer any questions and feedback is always appreciated. Drop us a note on our new and improved contact page or comment below!

(Anticipated) Frequently Asked Questions:

Did you build this yourself?

Sure did! This site is built on WordPress, same as our last site. Chris Love picked a nice template and filled out all the blank spaces.

Can CLP build a website like this for my organization?

Of course! Except we can build you something way more powerful and customized on any number of platforms. For that you’ll need to talk to one of our actual web experts.

Where are the rest of your videos?

A lot of videos we make are owned and published (or not) by our clients. We don’t keep a full archive of everything, but you can definitely see more of our work on our Vimeo Portfolio.