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CLP is on TV

Most of Chris Love Productions’ video productions are intended for the web, the quickest, easiest means for delivering new video content worldwide, overnight. But recently, some of my footage has seen some over-the-air screen time on a few local television stations: This one is from WGGB-TV in Western Massachusetts, and features video footage I took […]

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Gun Slinging and Flying Cameras in Texas

If you were tired of all the sailing videos on this site, here’s something different for you. My friend John invited a bunch of his friends out to his ranch in December. We hiked the property, saw lots and lots of deer, and then we shot guns. True Texas style. Here’s the video: I brought […]

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Junior Safety at Sea

I got a fun surprise on Tuesday when US SAILING called to ask me to shoot for a day in Newport. The US SAILING President’s Club, as part of its yearly charitable support, wanted to do a promotional video for Storm Trysail Foundation’s Jr. Safety at Sea Seminar. I enjoyed a beautiful day on the […]

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Two Incredible Video Projects to Get Behind

The enormous amount of influence I obviously enjoy from the wild popularity of this blog can sometimes feel like a heavy burden.  This is why I spend so many minutes toiling over each of these posts that you see coming out at an incredible rate of about one per month.  I am aware, however, that with great […]

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Shooting Zombies Never Goes Out of Season

I’m so pleased to share with you my first non-sailing-specific video since starting Chris Love Productions, that I’m posting it 8 months early: Zombie Obstacle Course! This short promo video for Dane’s Body Shop and the Austin gym’s most awesome idea ever, a Zombie Obstacle Course, was the brainchild of my friend Chad “Hey Chad” Owen, […]

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Video for US Sailing National Sailing Programs Symposium

Before I even get into how great it is that I’m going to be attending US Sailing’s National Sailing Programs Symposium, can we all take a minute to note that US Sailing is no longer written in all caps?  For years it has been editorially correct to write the name of sailing’s national governing body in […]

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New YouTube Channel Design a Great Tool for Video Producers

In case you haven’t seen it, YouTube overhauled their site design last week.  I don’t know what you think, (of course, feel free to comment with your opinion) but I think it looks great.  Even better, I found out today that channel owners have the option to update their channels with the new design.  For a […]

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Lesson Learned from CLP's Shaky First Shooting Gig: Stabilize

This is old news by now, but I just came across the finished product from my first video shoot since going solo: the Storm Trysail Club Junior Safety at Sea Seminar, with support from US SAILING, held in August at Sail Newport in Newport, RI. [UPDATE: just found the HD version on Youtube:) I didn’t […]

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Fundraiser Video for Piers Park Sailing Center

I’m proud to unveil my latest work, a profile video about Piers Park Sailing Center in East Boston, MA.  This past weekend, the fine folks at PPSC screened the video at their fundraising event All Hands on Deck at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Boston.  I also produced a web version for PPSC for use on their website […]

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