CLP Moves to Massachusetts

Watching Deer Tick perform live at Austin's SXSW Music Festival

Watching Deer Tick perform live at Austin’s SXSW Music Festival

After three wonderful years in Austin, Texas, Chris Love Productions is making its new home in Newton, Massachusetts. It’s been a wonderful journey, but now I’m coming home to New England.

Wife and dog outside a famous coffee shop in Austin

Wife and dog outside a famous coffee shop in Austin

In the Spring of 2011, after eight years living in the Boston area, I moved to Austin, TX with the intention of living close to the headquarters of where I began my sailing video career. Even after launching my own company that needed no physical location, I thoroughly enjoyed life in the breakfast taco capital of the US. Though I was miles from the nearest ocean, Austin was a perfect temporary city for someone like me, along with my wife Andrea and dog Tiller. It offered affordable rent and no income tax for a business that started with no assets whatsoever, live music, great restaurants, festivals, hiking trails, dog parks and lots of active people—even some great sailing at Austin Yacht Club on Lake Travis. But after dozens of trips back and forth to New England to see family and friends, after getting married and thinking about where to buy a house, we decided the Northeast is the place to be.

Through the help of a friend, my family landed a great apartment in Newton Centre, about eight miles from downtown Boston, five miles from my Alma Mater, Boston University, and twenty miles from my hometown of Holliston, MA. My wife enjoys similar mileage to her roots. It’s true what they say about New Englanders—they always come back.

map of newton and boston

New home in Newton Centre, accessible to hundreds of sailing locations on the east coast

But for CLP, this move is about more than coming home, it offers great access to some of sailing’s best locations in the US. In this summer/fall season alone, I have or will shoot in Marblehead, MA; Bristol, North Kingstown, and Newport, RI; and Port Washington and Oyster Bay, NY, all just a short drive from my new home. I also have several contacts in the industry here, allowing me to easily add additional team members to my shoots. So if you’re in the Northeast and thinking about video coverage, give me a call and maybe I’ll just swing by.

CLP Broadcast Debut on ESPNU

Not long ago I bragged about some of my work being shown on TV on local news stations, but today I can say that Chris Love Productions is really making its television debut as ESPNU gets set to air its annual coverage of the College Sailing National Championship. The one-hour show, produced and hosted annually by Gary Jobson, will first air tomorrow, Friday, July 11 at 7:00pm ET on the cable channel operated by ESPN.

Working with Jobson's veteran ESPNU production crew. Credit: Brian Schneider/

Working with Jobson’s veteran ESPNU production crew. Photo © Brian Schneider /

I was honored to be invited to join Jobson Sailing’s production team, who have now produced the show for ten years running. Working alongside producer/host Gary Jobson, shooter Mike Audick, onboard camera guy Jeff Mootz, and editor Scott Shucher, who have been working together for decades, I got to experience true broadcast production in its most professional fashion. I also got to bring in cutting edge new production technology, flying my DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter to provide aerial footage of racing for the first time in this event’s history.

Happy to teach new tricks to broadcast veteran Gary Jobson. Credit: Brian Schneider/

Teaching new tricks to broadcast veteran Gary Jobson. Photo © Brian Schneider /

In addition to the role of pilot, I also had the chance to fill in as interviewer on the final day. While I found it daunting to try to fill the shoes of the singular great American sailing television personality Gary Jobson who, over the past thirty years has been awarded dozens of honors— including two Emmy’s—for his work in the sport, I quickly fell back into the rhythm I first developed covering collegiate racing for, making brief connections with sailors and coaches between races as they fight for the national championship.

Capturing the celebration from water and air. Photo © Brian Schneider /

Capturing the celebration from water and air. Photo © Brian Schneider /

I haven’t seen the final show yet, but you can bet I’ll be tuning in this weekend with the rest of the college sailing community. Here is the official release with air times from Jobson Sailing:


2014 Gill National College Sailing Championship

Sponsored by


Yale University dominated the Gill National College Sailing Championship last month. It was an impressive performance. Last time Yale won the Coed Championship was 1975.

ESPNU presents a one hour program in high definition on the 2014 regatta. A combination of stabilized on-the-water cameras, onboard images and sound, and for the first time, aerial photography from a drone. This program shows college sailing at its best. Interviews with the sailors and coaches enhance the narrative throughout the two-day regatta that was hosted by St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

While Yale ran away with the Championship, the battle for second was hard fought. “College sailing is grateful for ESPNU’s coverage over the past 10 years. It brings this exciting part of our sport alive,” says Mitch Brindley, President, College Sailing.  This program is hosted by Gary Jobson.

Show times on ESPNU:

  • Friday, July 11 at 7:00pm ET
  • Saturday, July 12 at 4:00am ET
  • Saturday, July 12 at 9:00am ET
  • Sunday, July 13 at 8:00am ET

Note, if you can’t catch the show this weekend, check TV listings throughout the summer, as ESPNU frequently re-airs the program without advance notice.

All photos by Brian Schneider /

CLP Shows off Animation in ICSA All American Awards Video

I produced a video for College Sailing to announce their All American awards this year. The live stream was a bit of a mess as I was still editing right up until airtime, but I think the video came out pretty well:

You’ll notice each sailor has his or her own animated graphic and head shot (they start around the three minute mark.) I created these in three steps:

Step 1: Cut them out in Photoshop:

photoshop screenshot

Step 2: Insert headshot into an Adobe After Effects template that I customized for this show:

after effects screenshot


Step 3: Place the animation over video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Each animation is actually a series of still images. This method supports transparency but keeps file size relatively small.

slide in finder screenshot
premiere screenshot


As it turns out, creating 50 of these things in a few days is no easy task (and is the reason I nearly missed my deadline,) but I think it adds a lot to a show like this. There is so much an application like After Effects can do, and I’m always learning more about it, but I’m happy to include animated graphics as part of my product offering to clients.

If you’re interested in a video production, with or without graphics, contact me at and see what I can do for you!

CLP is on TV

Most of Chris Love Productions’ video productions are intended for the web, the quickest, easiest means for delivering new video content worldwide, overnight. But recently, some of my footage has seen some over-the-air screen time on a few local television stations:

This one is from WGGB-TV in Western Massachusetts, and features video footage I took of a performance of Jamie Kent & the Options on a riverboat in Austin during the South By Southwest Music Festival in March. (Starts at -1:54)

And this one is from WPRI in Rhode Island, featuring my footage from the 2013 US Sailing Junior Championships, played over an interview with Bob Adam from Zim Sailing. Zim and US Sailing are the sponsors of my weekly web series about college sailing, Chalk Talk(Starts at 2:38)

Where to put a GoPro on your dinghy while sailing

I got a great question this week from 420 sailor Renee Torie and I thought I’d share my answer with the world.

What is the best spot to mount a GoPro on a dinghy like a 420 or an FJ?

The cleanest solution I’ve found is to get a tripod mount for the GoPro and mount it to the bolt that holds the boom on the gooseneck. (Thanks to Georgetown coach Mike Callahan for this suggestion.) If it’s a pin and ring-ding on your boat, you would have to replace it with a bolt. Then just screw on the tripod mount and attach the GoPro upside down. It might rotate during the day, so you have to check on it to make sure it’s pointing straight back. Set to a wide angle, it looks like this:

GoPro gooseneck mount

One popular spot for analyzing your sailing, but not necessarily the most flattering angle, is put it on the transom, with enough extension that you can see over the tiller. Like this:

GoPro transom mount

You can also put it right on the tiller, but then it moves when you steer. It still looks pretty cool:

GoPro tiller mountI like variety for my videos, so I also do things like put it on the transom facing back, to see other boats:

GoPro transom facing back And also on the spreader facing back:

GoPro spreader mount facing back

You can also tuck it into lots of other spots that will give you limited visibility most of the time, but some pretty cool angles on certain points of sail.

Like the boom:

GoPro boom mount The spreader:

GoPro spreader mount


The tank (just make sure to tape it so the jib sheets don’t get caught):

GoPro tank mount

You can see these shots and others in these videos:

Good luck! If you’ve got any other great spots to put a GoPro on a sailboat, please let us know in the comments.

Gun Slinging and Flying Cameras in Texas

If you were tired of all the sailing videos on this site, here’s something different for you. My friend John invited a bunch of his friends out to his ranch in December. We hiked the property, saw lots and lots of deer, and then we shot guns. True Texas style. Here’s the video:

I brought along my Canon 5D, as always, but I also got a chance to take my DJI Phantom quadcopter for a spin. It’s equipped with a gimbal for keeping the shot steady, even as the copter is darting in all directions, and it works perfectly with my GoPro Hero 3+.

Flying the quadcopter at the ranch

Flying the quadcopter at the ranch

Since shooting this, I’ve also added a video downlink connection, so I can see what the camera sees on my monitor in real time. This is going to be a game changer for my work this summer!

Now offering video production equipment rental in Austin, TX!

Chris Love Productions is happy to announce a new service, renting video production equipment in Austin, TX! Chris doesn’t use his gear every day, so why not rent out a camera, microphone, GoPro, or even a full Mobile Live Production Studio? If you’re a local videographer or plan to visit, head over to the new RENTALS page to browse the production equipment. You can also find CLP Rentals on

Interviews for United Way Club Connect

United Way Club Connect LogoLast spring I got to do something a little different, shooting interviews for United Way Club Connect, an organization that supports reading and elementary school education in the United States. In the video that is now featured on the organization’s website, look for Sandi Borden (1:03) from Texas. I shot Sandi and several other educators from the National Association of Elementary School Principals at a conference in Austin in June 2013.

This video was produced by Dolphin Digital Media from Miami, FL. They were a pleasure to work with during the shoot.