Where to put a GoPro on your dinghy while sailing

I got a great question this week from 420 sailor Renee Torie and I thought I’d share my answer with the world.

What is the best spot to mount a GoPro on a dinghy like a 420 or an FJ?

The cleanest solution I’ve found is to get a tripod mount for the GoPro and mount it to the bolt that holds the boom on the gooseneck. (Thanks to Georgetown coach Mike Callahan for this suggestion.) If it’s a pin and ring-ding on your boat, you would have to replace it with a bolt. Then just screw on the tripod mount and attach the GoPro upside down. It might rotate during the day, so you have to check on it to make sure it’s pointing straight back. Set to a wide angle, it looks like this:

GoPro gooseneck mount

One popular spot for analyzing your sailing, but not necessarily the most flattering angle, is put it on the transom, with enough extension that you can see over the tiller. Like this:

GoPro transom mount

You can also put it right on the tiller, but then it moves when you steer. It still looks pretty cool:

GoPro tiller mountI like variety for my videos, so I also do things like put it on the transom facing back, to see other boats:

GoPro transom facing back And also on the spreader facing back:

GoPro spreader mount facing back

You can also tuck it into lots of other spots that will give you limited visibility most of the time, but some pretty cool angles on certain points of sail.

Like the boom:

GoPro boom mount The spreader:

GoPro spreader mount


The tank (just make sure to tape it so the jib sheets don’t get caught):

GoPro tank mount

You can see these shots and others in these videos:

Good luck! If you’ve got any other great spots to put a GoPro on a sailboat, please let us know in the comments.

Gun Slinging and Flying Cameras in Texas

If you were tired of all the sailing videos on this site, here’s something different for you. My friend John invited a bunch of his friends out to his ranch in December. We hiked the property, saw lots and lots of deer, and then we shot guns. True Texas style. Here’s the video:

I brought along my Canon 5D, as always, but I also got a chance to take my DJI Phantom quadcopter for a spin. It’s equipped with a gimbal for keeping the shot steady, even as the copter is darting in all directions, and it works perfectly with my GoPro Hero 3+.

Flying the quadcopter at the ranch

Flying the quadcopter at the ranch

Since shooting this, I’ve also added a video downlink connection, so I can see what the camera sees on my monitor in real time. This is going to be a game changer for my work this summer!

Now offering video production equipment rental in Austin, TX!

Chris Love Productions is happy to announce a new service, renting video production equipment in Austin, TX! Chris doesn’t use his gear every day, so why not rent out a camera, microphone, GoPro, or even a full Mobile Live Production Studio? If you’re a local videographer or plan to visit, head over to the new RENTALS page to browse the production equipment. You can also find CLP Rentals on rentalgear.com.

Interviews for United Way Club Connect

United Way Club Connect LogoLast spring I got to do something a little different, shooting interviews for United Way Club Connect, an organization that supports reading and elementary school education in the United States. In the video that is now featured on the organization’s website, look for Sandi Borden (1:03) from Texas. I shot Sandi and several other educators from the National Association of Elementary School Principals at a conference in Austin in June 2013.

This video was produced by Dolphin Digital Media from Miami, FL. They were a pleasure to work with during the shoot.

Live coverage and video highlights at the Knickerbocker Cup

KCupMBYCBurgeeRedThis week I’m on Long Island for the Knickerbocker Cup, part of the US Grand Slam Match Race Series. This is the fourth time I’ve worked with Manhasset Bay Yacht Club producing coverage for their prestigious match race regatta. In the past we’ve put on live video with mixed levels of success, but this year it will be live text and photos with highlight videos posted shortly after each race. I’m psyched to be joined by Reed Sisson, who did a great job with on-the-fly editing at the 2013 College Sailing Nationals in St. Petersburg, Fl.

Watch our live coverage and video highlights beginning tomorrow on Livestream:

First sailing highlight videos and photos of the summer

I’m back from my first trip to Sheboygan for the Rose Cup Youth Match Race and have some videos and photos to share! Here are the highlight videos from the event (in Youtube playlist form, 8 videos total):

I particularly like the multiple camera angles and countdown timer for the Finals races. To achieve this, I used the new version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, with new improvements to its multicam workflow. For you video editors out there who are interested, I created the countdown timer using a technique I learned from How To Add Timer in Adobe Premiere from Youtube user evilneil187. Pretty handy for match racing when the prestart is so critical!

As part of my work for the weekend, I also shot some photos using my new Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM Lens. As I’ve mentioned on this site before, I don’t consider myself a professional sailing photographer (yet), but I think the photos came out pretty nice:

Do you need highlight videos and/or photos for your event this summer? Contact me today.

Match Racing in Sheboygan: Rose Cup 2013

Rose Cup 2013 LogoI’m kicking off my summer travel with a trip to Sheboygan, WI this weekend for the Rose Cup, a national youth match racing event that will hopefully soon become the US Sailing youth match racing championship. I’ll be shooting highlights each day at Sail Sheboygan and adding my own race commentary as we get into the later rounds. Be sure to check out my videos each day on the Rose Cup Jr. Match Race website starting Friday morning, and continuing through Monday morning. You can also follow the event and see my videos on the Rose Cup Jr. Match Race Facebook page.

The event is sponsored by Gill, who is making video coverage possible.

Full press release:

US Sailing Partners with Sail Sheboygan for National Youth Match Racing Event

SOUTHPORT, CT (June 18, 2013) – US Sailing has partnered with Sail Sheboygan to organize the 2013 Rose Cup, a national youth match racing event to be held on June 19-23, at the Sheboygan Yacht Club and U.S. Sailing Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The event, founded by the Newport-Balboa Sailing & Seamanship Association, is the fourth running of the Rose Cup and the second by US Sailing’s Match Racing Committee, who look to build this event into a US Sailing youth national championship in the near future.

Racing will take place in the Elliott 6m’s that were sailed in the 2012 Olympic Games for the women’s match racing event, with teams of three who must be at least 16 years of age and no older than 20 in 2013. The winning skipper of the Rose Cup, and several other top finishers, will receive an invitation to the prestigious 2013 Governor’s Cup, a premier international youth match racing event, held at the Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Beach, California on July 16-21, 2013.

In addition, Sally Barkow, a 2008 Olympian in the Yngling class and the current #1 ranked U.S. match racing skipper, will be at the event to provide on-the-water coaching and give on-shore presentations on match racing. The Nick Scandone Sportsmanship Trophy will be awarded for outstanding sportsmanship.

“Match racing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in our sport,” says Dave Perry, Chairman of the US Sailing Match Racing Committee. “We want to encourage the 16 to 20 year old group to get involved and get proficient in this exciting and very beneficial way to race sailboats. This ties in very nicely to the Intercollegiate Sailing Association’s Sloop Championship program which now uses the match racing format for its national sloop championship.”

Sponsors for the event include Gill, Harken, Line Honors-Yacht Racing Outfitters, North U, North, Sail Sheboygan and the Newport-Balboa Sailing & Seamanship Association. Results and daily video of the racing can be followed online at: www.sailsheboygan.org/Rose-Cup-2013.php, with updates on facebook.


Going Local: Video Production Services in Austin, TX

With the completion of a very successful College Sailing Nationals live broadcast last week in St. Petersburg, FL, I’m now back in Austin, TX and working to expand my client list to include local customers. I’ve got a full schedule of traveling this summer, but it seems silly not to share my video production services with the huge potential client pool in my home base of Austin. Chris Love Productions is now listed in all the local business directories, including this new Chris Love Productions listing on Thumbtack: Exceptional Live and Recorded Video Production

Chris Love Productions offers the following services to the Austin business and nonprofit community:

  • Live video production
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  • Soup-to-nuts video production and post-production

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